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Algeria Government & Politics

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President Abdelaziz Bouteflika

Mahfoud Nahnah

Constitutional background

Text of constitution
1976 (in French)

List of government ministers
22 November 1999 [WAAC]

List of government ministers (Keesings)

Political parties in Algeria [WAAC]
See also Algerian government's list of political parties

Elections and parliament  
[Medea database]

Electoral system

Electoral districts

Proclamation of Algerian National Liberation Front (FLN) - 1 Nov 1954

Speech by Charles de Gaulle - Constantine, Algeria, 3 Oct 1958

Algerian National Assembly -- in English, French and Arabic

Embassy of Algeria, London, UK

Front des Forces Socialistes

Front Islamique du Salut (FIS) (Islamic Salvation Front)

Gouvernorat du Grand Alger -- in French

Harakat Mujtama'a Silm (HMS)

Ministère des Affaires Etrangeres -- in Arabic, English and French

Ministère des Finances -
- in French

Ministère de l'Industrie et de la Restructurarion -
- in French

Ministère de la Solidarité Nationale et de la Famille -
Arabic, French and English

Ministère des Travaux Publics, de l'Aménagement du Territoire, de l'Environnement et de l'Urbanisme -
- in Arabic and French

Office National des Statistiques

Office National du Tourisme -
- in French

Rassemblement Pour la Culture et la Democratie  
-- in French

US policy towards Algeria
Statement by Robert H. Pelletreau, Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs, 1996.

Socialist Forces Front (FFS)  
[Medea database]

Rassemblement pour la culture et la democratie
Website of the anti-Islamist political party

Harakat Mujtamaa Silm
(Movement of the Society of Peace) - political party. Website in English, French and Arabic

National Office of Tourism Representations in Foreign  Countries:

Embassy of Algeria in Seoul, Korea  (Republic)

Permanent Mission of Algeria to the  U.N- N.Y ( USA)

Harakat Moudjtamaa Silm (HMS)

Front Islamique du Salud (FIS) [Islamic Front  for Salvation]

Rassemblement pour la Culture et la Démocratie  (RCD)

Movement for the Culture and the Democracy


The World Algeria Action Coalition (WAAC)

World Algeria Action Coalition (WAAC)
A website aimed at raising international awareness of the political and economic conditions in Algeria.

Algerian mission to the United Nations
Some useful information, but a slow-running website

Sifi, Mokdad
Presidential candidate's official site for Algerian  election.

Taleb El Ibrahimi, Ahmed
An Unofficial site for candidate for Algerian presidential election.

Algeria political corner

Algeria political corner

Algeria: a country study
Good, detailed information from the US Library of Congress

Basic facts
from the US Central Intelligence Agency

Algeria Interface
A bilingual paper providing information on political, economic and military developments.


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