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I would be grateful if anyone could provide me with information on how to respectfully work with Arab families as a mental health professional.

Ross Grossman, Oak Park, Michigan, USA


I am interested to promote and exhibit Islamic art and calligraphy in South-East Asia.
I am based in Singapore and would like to introduce the richness of Islamic art to this region. The project is purely of my own self interest. Painters and calligraphers from the Arab world are welcome to contact me.

Ammal al-Sagaff


My favorite recipe for stuffed grape leaves is the one from the cookbook "From the Land of Figs and Olives". I have moved recently and the book is now in storage; I don't want to buy it again but would like to have the recipe. If someone has it and could forward it to me I would be very grateful (as would be the rest of my family!).    

Silvia Pulino


We have a request for people living in Morocco who would be interested in corresponding by mail with a person living in the U.S.

Please contact: Olton Library, P.O. Box 675, Olton, TX 79064, USA


I am a student at an American university. Presently I am enrolled in a Cross-Cultural Communications class that is dedicated to understanding various cultures in the US. I am required to research cultures for a project and I have chosen to study "Arab Women". I was looking to find someone who is a "woman" and is "Arab" so that I may interview them. If you have any leads or information on this subject it would be greatly appreciated.

Joseph Bould


I would like to learn Zaydi fiqh. For that I would like to get in touch with a Zaydi brother. If anyone could provide an e-mail address of a Zaydi with whom I can communicate in English I would appreciate it greatly.

Ozdemir Aydemir


I recently acquired a coin and I am told by the Coin Department at the British Museum that it is an Ottoman 20 paras coin of Abdul Aziz dating between 1861 and 1876 AD. I would be grateful if anyone could direct me to where I may find out more information about this ruler. I am not a coin collector. It came into my possession from among my late father's effects and I believe that he would have acquired it during his war service in Egypt. Any information would be most appreciated.

P. Iveson


Are there any good reference books or other sources on Arabic literature on the net? I am looking for historical information on the writer Mousthafa Lutfi al-Manfaluthy and comment of his book "majdulin". I am trying to write a thesis about the book so I need any reference about it and its writer.

Yuliana Syamsiah Hami


Can anyone provide some information about Arab funds for education abroad?
I'm a Muslim student looking for help to pursue my education in the United States of America.


We are finalizing plans to produce a monthly magazine titled News of Arabs in Israel.  The magazine will bring to the world in English language the issues and problems facing the Arab minority inside Israel. We are in need for funding from Arab and international institutions and individuals, and we are also interested in identifying potential subscribers. Also we would like to have an intern or two working for us. Please assist this important cause, and make it come true.

Mohammed Darawshe (
Institute Director and Magazine Editor



My name is Steve Barber and I have two original scetches by Khalil Gibran. My grandfather, Yasser Barber, was best friends with Kahlil's nephew. My grandfather took them under his roof to help them get a start in America. As a token of appreciation he gave my grandfather two original pencil scetches. They are in immaculate shape and we would like to know if you know any museum in Lebanon that would want them. We want the lovers of Khalil's work to enjoy the scetches as much as we have. If anyone has information on how I can reach a suitable museum in Lebanon please let me know.

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