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Water: scarcity to security
Averting a water crisis in the Middle East and North Africa (World Bank)

Aquastat (FAO)
General overview of the water situation in the Middle East

Israeli water use and export
(US Trade and Environment Database)

Middle East and North Africa water crisis
Statement by the World Bank calling for fundamental change in the management of water use. March 19, 1996

Scientific report on the quality of West Bank groundwater
(Palestinian Society for the Protection of Human Rights and the Environment)

Eradicating Guinea Worm in water
- project by the Carter Center, United States

Environment overview
by J B Collier and Sherif Arif (World Bank)

Middle East water: local and global issues
by Professor J. Anthony Allan
(SOAS Water Issues Group, University of London)

Closing a water resource; some policy considerations
by Brian and Lynne Chatterton
(Former Minister of Agriculture of South Australia and former official of the Government of South Australia)

Roots of the water conflict in the Middle East
by Jad Isaac and Leonardo Hosh
(Submitted to "The Middle East Water Crisis: Creative Perspectives and Solutions", University of Waterloo, Canada, 7-9 May, 1992)

Capacity building and research needs in water resources in the Arab region towards the 21st century
by Muhammad R. Shatanawi
(Professor of Water Resources and Irrigation, University of Jordan, Amman)

Middle East Water Information network

SOAS Water Issues group

Peace Pipeline (J.W. Sutherlin), paper.

Water disputes in the Jordan Basin (S. Libiszewski), paper.

Water disputes in the Jordan Basin region
by Stephen Libiszewski (Center for Security Policy and Conflict Research; Berne: Swiss Peace Foundation. August 1994)

Water resources issues in the Arab states region
by Alain Marcoux
(Senior Officer, Population and Environment, Population Programme Service, FAO Women and Population Division)

Water shortage on the West Bank
Report by Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information (1998)

Reassessing the "Peace Pipeline"
by Randal deShazo and John W. Sutherlin, University of New Orleans

Antique and recent water use along the frankincense route
- Department of Geography, Zurich University

The regional water balance statement
A new tool for water resources planning, by S Merrett, SOAS, London. (PDF file)

The quality and sustainability of the water resources available to Arab villages to the west of the divide in the southern West Bank
by D S Scarpa, SOAS, London. (PDF file)

Land of the Naphtha Fountain

Oil weapons
As used in the siege of Constantinople (680 CE)

Oil transit chokepoints
Places of strategic importance to world oil trade: the Suez Canal, Bab al-Mandab (Red Sea), and the Strait of Hormuz (US Energy Information Administration)

Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)
The official website (but not all Arab countries are members)

Oil and the non-OPEC countries
US Energy Information Administration fact-sheet

Oil and the ancient world

The earliest Arab oil industries

War on words


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