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Amr's Arabic Archive : By Amr Haggag. Contains info on commercial software/hardware, downloadable Arabic shareware and freeware (word-processing, Internet etc).

The American Association of Teachers of Arabic : Contains info about Arabic programs (academic), Arabic textbooks, Arabic software and commercial directory (both not ready as of July, 22, 1997)

more is being added .....

Arabic Software Map (PC, Unix)

Arabic computing: PC

Arabic computing: Mac

Arabic computing: File archive

Amr's Arabic Archive

ComStar Company:
Large range of Arabic software for most purposes.
CA 95014, USA. 

Diwan Software:
Specialises in Mac software, including desktop publishing

Aramedia Group:
Various software packages, including searchable collections of hadith, and the Qur'an in Arabic.

761 Adams Street  Boston, MA 02122 USA.

Future Technology and Information Systems Ltd: General office software, education, games, religion.
London W10 4BQ, UK. 

 Arabic/Farsi Language Kit. This allows you to input, edit, and print several languages in the same document. It can be used with any Mac-compatible application that supports right-to-left text entry. The kit comes with a selection of keyboard layouts to suit both native speakers and students, together with stick-on labels to customise your keyboard.

 The Arabic Macintosh which is described as an informal resource centre. Although intended mainly for academic users, it contains a wealth of practical information about working with Arabic on computers. A useful starting point is "An Introduction to Writing Arabic on the Mac" - by an obviously devoted Mac user.

Conversion of classical Arabic into ASCII for computer text

TranSphere (

al-Mutarjim (

an-Nakeel (

TARJAMA Arabic Translation Group
A US-based company dedicated to providing professional and accurate translation between Arabic and English, software localization, and design of Arabic and multi-lingual websites.

Riadh Dhaou
A window on satellite telecommunications, simulation and performance evaluation

Dr. Eng. Mossad Abbas
International Professional Engineering Consultancy

Personal Home Page: A window on satellite telecommunications, simulation and performance evaluation


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