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Bahrain Monetary Agency

Mu'assasat Nagd al-Bahrayn
(Bahrain Monetary Agency) Money and banking indicators, regulations, financial institutions, etc

Economic profile
International Finance Corporation

Bahrain Stock Exchange

Al Ahli Commercial Bank (B.S.C)

HSBC British Bank

National Bank Of Bahrain
Taib Bank
An International investment and merchant bank listed on the Bahrain Stock Exchange.
Bahrain Development Bank
Website for the promotion of  investments in the industrial, commercial, and service business sectors
Faysal Islamic Bank of Bahrain

Focus Consulting
Specialized in Business Development and Executive Search for the Persian Gulf Area.   

Castle Rock Industries, W.L.L.
An industrial supplier of building and decorative stones from the Arabian Peninsula and Asia.

Abdulla Ahmed Nass

Arabian Gulf Bio-Remedies - A company selling water conditioners.

Fakhroo Online
A company selling a variety of consumer and professional products.

Gulf Powerbeat
A manufacturers of the DMS Battery.

Nass Scafform International
A Contractor providing scaffolding and formworks.

Qasim Ahmed Fakhro Exports
A contractor providing roofing, waterproofing, and insulation materials vendors.

Key economic indicators, policies and trade practices
Reports to US Senate, 1999. Also available as PDF

World Bank reports and press releases
about Bahrain

Bahrain Promotion & Marketing Board
Overview of business opportunities

Water in Bahrain
Aquastat country profile

Abdulla Ahmed Nass

Rotary Club of Manama

Voice of Bahrain

Economic profile
Agriculture, mining, manufacturing, tourism, and finance [Arab World Online]

Economic trends, data, policies, etc
Trade Compass

Bahrain at a glance
Two pages of key indicators tracing the trends in social and economic development over the last three decades. 

Commercial guide
US & Foreign Commercial Service and US State Department

Focus Consulting
Specialised in Business Development and Executive Search for the persian gulf area.

Bahrain Insurance Co BSC, The

United Arab Shipping Co - Manama


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