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Jordan at a glance
Two pages of key indicators tracing the trends in social and economic development over the last three decades. Provided by the World Bank.

Key economic indicators, policies and trade practices
Reports to US Senate, 1999. Also available as PDF

Economic profile
Agriculture, mining, manufacturing, tourism, and finance [Arab World Online]

World Bank reports and press releases
about Jordan

Economic trends, data, policies, etc
Trade Compass

Economic profile
International Finance Corporation

Commercial guide
US& Foreign Commercial Service and US State Department

Oil, gas, coal and electricity
US Energy Information Administration

CIA World Factbook
An American view of the economy

Bank al-Markaz al-Urdun
(Central Bank of Jordan)

Banks in Jordan

Summary of the programme in Jordan

Investment Promotion Law
Full text of Law No. 16 (1995)

Water in Jordan
Aquastat country profile

Amman Financial Market
Provides up to date prices on stocks traded in the Jordanian Financial Stock Market.

Central Bank of Jordan

Cairo Amman Bank
Arab Middle Eastern bank in Jordan and Palestine providing commercial, corporate, electronic, local and international investment and retail banking.

Jordan Kuwait Bank

Jordan National Bank
Arab Middle Eastern retail bank in Jordan providing corporate banking, deposits, Master Card, foreign exchange, trade and finance opportunities with online inter-branch transactions.

National Health Insurance Administration Co.
NatHealth administers health insurance policies, corporate self-funded health plans, and other employee benefits.

Union Bank
Jordanian Bank with a branch network covering Jordan and Palestine, providing services for individuals, businesses, and corporations.


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