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Bahraini Government & Politics

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State of Bahrain

al-Khalifa family

Constitutional background

List of government ministers  

Bahrain Freedom Movement
Website of Bahrain's main opposition group, based in London (English and Arabic)

Bahrain Human Rights Organisation

Bahrain Promotions & Marketing Board
A government agency provides information for business and leisure including incentives for foreign companies, profiles of industrial sectors, and events.

True Voice of Bahrain, The
Published by the Bahraini Family Group, targets political affairs of Bahrain to correcting other misleading pictures.

Voice of Bahrain
Published by the Bahrain Freedom Movement for promoting human and constitutional rights in Bahrain.

Bahrain: a country study
Good, detailed information from the US Library of Congress

Basic facts

from the US Central Intelligence Agency

Bahrain and the Internet
Report by Human Rights Watch

Bahrain Centre For Studies and Research

Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and Information

Ministry of Education

Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs

Embassy Of The United States

Embassy Of India - Bahrain


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