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Alalam Alyoum
An Arabic daily newspaper.

Egyptian Gazette
Cairo's English-language daily newspapers, provide on local history, facts, descriptions, nostalgia, the way it was.

al-Ahram Weekly 

Middle East Times 

Community Times Online
The popular English newspaper of Cairo

Al Messa
Al Messa Daily Newspaper

Al-Ahram Hebdo
Egyptian weekly newspaper in french language puplished in Al-Ahram contains news & reports about politicsm sports, economics, society etc.

Al-Ahram newspaper
The largest newspaper in the Middle East from Egypt

The Middle East observer-
The leading English economic newspaper with Up-to-date news,banks rates,foreign trade statistics,texts of new laws & international agreements.

doughan,wajih's informative web page-
culture,newspapers:arabe,frencais,,susiness etc....

United States Newspapers Online
Links to the United States online newspapers and the Wall Street Journal.


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