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Arab Bank

Arab Banking Corporation

Association of Banks in Jordan

Bank of Jordan

City Bank

Commercial Banks, List

Export & Finance Bank

Industrial Development Bank

Jordan Investment and Finance Bank

Jordan Kuwait Bank

Jordan Loan Guarantee Corporation

Jordan National Bank

Middle East Investment Bank

The Housing Bank

Union Bank

Bank al-Markaz al-Urdun
(Central Bank of Jordan)

Banks in Jordan

Central Bank of Jordan

Cairo Amman Bank
Arab Middle Eastern bank in Jordan and Palestine providing commercial, corporate, electronic, local and international investment and retail banking.

Jordan Kuwait Bank

Jordan National Bank
Arab Middle Eastern retail bank in Jordan providing corporate banking, deposits, Master Card, foreign exchange, trade and finance opportunities with online inter-branch transactions.

Union Bank
Jordanian Bank with a branch network covering Jordan and Palestine, providing services for individuals, businesses, and corporations.

Jordan Islamic Bank
Providing services in accordance with the provisions of the Islamic Sharia. Also in Arabic.



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