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Basic information  
[Medea database]

Guide to Jordan
A small but neat site created by Sami Shalabi

Languages of Jordan
Ethnologue Database

H.M. Queen Noor of Jordan
Qeen's official site with photos, press releases, interviews, and speeches.

Hashemites: Jordan's Royal Family
Established the modern state of Jordan in 1921.

King Hussein: A Man of Peace
A memorial website from PBS' Online NewsHour.

Office of King Hussein I of Jordan
Information on King Hussein I of Jordan and the Hashemites. Jordan economy, government, tourism, history, royalty, peace keeping and laws.

Ghani, Ruba Abdul
Provides biography, resume, design portfolio, and information about the singer Fairouz.

Gharaibeh, Hayel
Provides information about Jordan, photos, links, and more.

A brief history of Jordan  
(Focus Multimedia)

Bani Hamida

Darat Al-Anda

Darat Al-Funun

Orfali Gallery


World Flag Database / Jordan

Jordan Geologists Association

Jordan Society for Democracy

Royal Jordanian Gliding Club


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