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Gulf War

Gulf War, The
Provides information about the Gulf War from PBS in conjunction with their 1996 Frontline television special.

Dept. of Defense Office of the Special Assistant for Gulf War Illnesses. News, medical information for Gulf War veterans, and reports on continuing suspicions about Iraqi biological weapons.

Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait: An Eyewitness Account
The author was involved in the events leading up, during, and after the invasion by Iraqi forces.

Mistakes of the Gulf War
An essay explaining how miscalculations and mistakes led to Saddam maintaining his regime.

An Environmental Assessment of Kuwait Seven Years after the Gulf War
Summary of a report by the Green Cross International, August 1998. 

"Thunder and Lightning"- The War with Iraq
From the U.S. Naval Historical Center.

Desert Storm
Provides information on all aspects of the war, including POWs, the weapons, and the soldiers.

Provides information on machines, soldiers, and more.

Fog of War
A website marking the anniversary of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. From the Washington Post.

Fratricide at Umm Hajul
Desert Storm friendly fire incident and cover up.

Acier & Shawn Consulting Inc

Canatrade International Inc.

National Committee for Missing and POWs Affairs
Provides information on Kuwaiti POWs and MIAs captured during the Gulf war.

New Order, The
The journal of an American civilian's experience of the Persian Gulf War. Provides information about Erik Larsen, George Bush, Jeff Syrop, and Zen.

Operation Desert Storm Debriefing Book
Provides information on the Gulf War

Pat's World
Provides aircraft battle damage photos from Desert Storm.

Persian Gulf War (1990-1991)
A brief description of the war between the United Nations and Iraq 1990-1991.

Target Baghdad
Provides aviation photo gallery.

National Committee for Missing and POWs Affairs
Provides information on Kuwaiti POWs and MIAs captured during the Gulf war.

Amnesty International Report 1999: Kuwait

Documenting human rights abuses.

Kuwait: a country study
Good, detailed information from the US Library of Congress

Basic facts

from the US Central Intelligence Agency


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