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Lebanese Government & Politics

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Office of the President
The official site for President Emile Lahoud.

The Official Website of the Prime Minister,  Mr. Rafic Hariri

Lebanese Parliament Profiles

Lebanese Armed Forces

Central Administration for Statistics

Civil Service Board

Central Inspection Board

National Council for Scientific Research

Council of Development and Reconstruction

Investment Development Authority of Lebanon

Lebanese Forces

National Liberal Party

Lebanese Democratic Movement

Public Services and Government Phone  Numbers

Centre National de Recherches et de Developpment Pedagogiques, National Center for Pedagogic Research and Development.

Subjective Well-being as a Public Policy
A Tool to Prevent Future Lebanese Civil War

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Beirut,

Green Plan,

Internal Security Forces,

Internal Security Forces of Lebanon
The Internal Security Forces are general armed forces whose prerogatives cover all the Lebanese territory and its regional waters and airspace.

Le Conseil Constitutionnel
Contains almost everything you would want to know about the constitution of Lebanon.


Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform
The main purpose of the administrative reform in the Government of Lebanon is to develop a new substantive relationship with the public and enhance the role of the government as the instrument of national integration.

Republic of Lebanon - Directorate of Youth and Sports
Directorate general of Youth and Sports.

The development and reconstruction of Beirut Central District.

Bank of Lebanon

Court of Audit

Constitutional Council

City of Saida


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