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business opportunities  
in Libya.

SMi Group  
produces strategic management conferences, workshops, newsletters and management reports, including information of Libya.

Seema International
Dubai, UAE, a trade fair, seminar & trade mission firm, arranges individual and group business tours to Libya in co-operation with the Tripoli Chamber of Commerce & Industry. This is a mailto link.

promote Business in Libya
If you are interested in joining the Libyan Business Exchange list

Arab Falcon Co Ltd
a Libya importer & exporter.

Libyan Iron and Steel Company.

offers business, consulting and coordinating services in Libya.

chiropractic practice  

Emaco -- 
Emaco srl + TCA srl + Impexital srl -- is a manufacturer and exporter of electrical and building materials and machines. The group also performs contracting work. They have worked in Libya for many years.

Banks of Libya  
from AAAdir.

Libyan Arab Foreign Bank.

Chamber of Commerce, 
Federation of Chambers of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture, Tripoli Chamber of Commerce & Industry & Agriculture addresses.

offices in Tripoli.

on doing business in Libya.

fax phone numbers  
An online source in Libya.

Political Risk Services  
database on Libya.

"Networking Efforts in the Maghreb Region."
Electronic Communication with Libya

International trademarks in Libya.

Imaging Systems (Libya) Limited  
supplies Fuji photography and imaging products to Libya and North Africa.

power-plant upgrade  
project in Libya.


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