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British underwater club 

Automobile and Touring Club 
of Libya

The Sahara Club 
page in Austria includes photographs by Matthias Smoliner,Vienna, of an overland trip through the Sahara Desert in Libya & Tunisia. Text is in German.

Sahara Travel Information
provides 4WD and motorcycle travellers with information on Libya, Mauritania, Algeria, Mali, Niger, Chad and Western Sahara. Visit their message board. Their tips on exchanging Libyan money and other travel information.

Libyan Sahara  
German page with photos on the trip.

motorcycle trip 
Photos and story of a Canadian couple's through this trip.

Theater of Sabratha, 
right, has a three-story scaenae frons with ninety-six columns decreasing in height from the first to the third story. The scaenae frons is divided into seven sections, which gave the actors many entrances. This was the largest Roman theater in Africa.


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