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website includes a useful Introduction to the Francophone Literature of the Maghreb, with separate sections on the literature of  Algeria and Tunisia. There are also several literary journals:

Algérie Littérature / Action  
(in French)

Le Maghreb Littéraire  
(in French)

Prologues: revue maghrébine du livre  
(in French)

International Journal of Francophone Studies  
(mainly in English)

The Literary Review  
devoted its Summer 1998 issue to Maghrebi literature translated from Arabic, Tamazight (Berber) and French. The following are some examples:

Speaking of Flies

Mohammed Chourki

The South Wind
Abdelhamid Benhadouga

The Bone-Seekers
Tahar Djaout

The Refrigerator
Salah Garmadi

Leila Houari

Jews, Tunisians, Frenchmen (extract)
Albert Memmi

An Algerian Childhood (extract)
Jean Pelegri

The Richness of Diversity
Leila Sebbar

Mohammed Ghozzi

Lounes Matoub

Two Isefra
Si Mohand-ou-Mhand

Each Age Has Its Sun
Amnia Said

Dust (extract)
Mohammed Sehaba

Two Poems
Habib Tengour


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