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Oman Education & References

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Oman Education & References

Executive Education

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Sultan Qaboos University

Sultan Qaboos University, College of Agriculture  
Unofficial site by Rashid al-Yahyai

Indian School Muscat  
Unofficial site by Vikram Gupta

Indian School Muscat  
Unofficial site by Ryan Gazder: "Donít blame me if you think this page is ugly. The official school colors are this obscene shade of blue and white."

Oman Computer Services

Mazoon College for Management and Applied Sciences
Affiliated with the University of Missouri.

British Council in Oman
Provides information on activities and services of Britain's principal agent for international cultural relations.

A short overview of education in Oman 

List of educational institutions 
(Oman on Line)

Education in Oman  
(Oman Infoworld)

Futurekids Oman, Qurum Training Institute

International Training Institute

Polyglot Institute Oman LLC


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