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A brief history of Oman  
(Oman Infoworld)

Provides primer on the country, along with a directory of related Web sites; site maintained by the Model League of Arab States.

Window On Oman
Provides an exhibition on history, culture and U.S.-Oman relations, sponsored by the government of Oman.

A comprehensive reading list 
Oman Studies Centre

Environmental protection
Including efforts to save the oryx from extinction (Oman Infoworld)

Languages of Oman
Ethnologue Database

Traditional crafts  
(Oman Infoworld)

The durable dhow  
Abstract of article by Tom Vosmer, Archaeology, Vol. 50 No. 3 (May/June 1997)

The people of Oman
Statistics, plus comments on the role of women (Oman Infoworld)

Oman's national heritage  
(Oman Infoworld)


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