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Saudi Arabian Government & Politics

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T.E. Lawrence
("Lawrence of Arabia")

Amnesty International: Saudi Arabia
Summation of alleged human rights abuses within the country.

Saudi Arabia: a country study
Good, detailed information from the US Library of Congress

Basic facts
from the US Central Intelligence Agency

Summary/Review of Reports Concerning Threats by Osama Bin Laden to Conduct Terrorist Operations Against the United States - EmergencyNet.

The World's Most Dangerous Terrorist
An interview with Osama Bin Laden from ABC News, June 1998.

Who is Usamah Bin Laden?
Links to news articles and other sources going back to 1994.

FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitive - Usama Bin Laden
A Description of the charges against him in the U.S.

Frontline: Hunting bin Laden
Investigates Osama bin Laden (who is charged with masterminding the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings in East Africa), his supporters, and the U.S. campaign against them.

Osama Bin Ladin: Wealth plus Extremism equals Terrorism
A series of articles from the International Policy Institute on Counter-Terrorism.

Saudi Bomb Suspect is Anti-U.S. Financier
Reuters article about Osama bin Laden from October 25, 1996.

King Fahd: driving force behind modern Saudi Arabia
A Reuters article from 1995 paying tribute to the King

Movement for Islamic Reform in Arabia

Buying silence...
Saudi Arabia carries out secret trials, torture and amputations - and spends millions of dollars hiring public relations firms to cover up the human rights abuses, according to this report by Amnesty International. 


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