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Sport Clubs

Al-Ansar Sporting Club
includes football, squash, chess, archery, and social work clubs.

Club Sagesse Sportif
Official web site.

Al Riyadi (Sporting) Club
the famous basket ball club in Beirut.

Nejmeh Sporting Club
the prestigious football club of Beirut.

Nejmeh Sporting Club of Beirut
Unofficial Web site, History, Photos, Results…and more.

The Unofficial Sagesse Sites
Are you one of the Lebanese Basketball fans , and specially the green team

Sports Recreation

22nd Marlboro Rallye du Liban,

Aero Club of Lebanon
private piloting lessons.

AGBU - Demirdjian Center
cultural and leisure facility for the Armenian and Lebanese community.

Paragliding & Hang Gliding.

La Marina Joseph Khoury,

Lebanese Boy Scouts Association - Beirut 4 Group,

Lebanese British 4X4 Club,
 We offer unforgettable experiences Off roading, Scuba diving, Trekking, Water-skiing, Paragliding, Horseback riding, White-water rafting, Sailing, and Snorkeling throughout Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan.

Lebanese Scout Association - Beirut 4,

Les Scouts du Liban
The Scouts of Lebanon.

National Institute for Scuba Diving
diving instruction and guided dive tours on the Lebanese coast.

Scout maronites group St. Maron,

Scouts of Lebanon - 16 Mount Lebanon,

Scuba Diving In Lebanon
Scuba diving in Lebanon : all the information that you need to dive Have a nice cyber dive.

Ski Lebanon,


Librairie Antoine
Library Antoine, on-line bookstore


Ets. BOOKERIA Agent d'Edition Internationl
All Kinds of books and sets for all ages, in Arabic, English and French.

Kazendar -Provide private collections of Arabic rare and antique books.

Librairie Antoine

Librarie du Liban
A library and publishing house.

NourE-Sham Book Center
book center.

Levant Distributors
This is the place to come for all the latest magazine issues & related media news. Never miss the latest news of your favorite subjects.

Malik's Bookshop
The bookstore facing AUB.

Dar al-Kutub al-ilmiyyah (Lebanon)  
(Bookstore with online orders)

(Islamic books, including Arabic titles, focusing on classic Islamic texts, as well as the Qur'an, Hadith, Fiqh, Seerah, and more. Also offers Islamic audio, video, and computer software.)

Arabic Book Center  
books (catalog in MS Word Arabic by category), software, translation and more (USA, San Francisco)

Dar-us-Salam Publications 
Arabic, Islamic books (in Arabic, Urdu and English) , audio and some software

Dar al-Kitab al-Arabi 
Arabic and Islamic books, online shopping (insecure)

Dar al-Fikr Publishing Co.  
Arabic and Islamic books, list books by subject or author in Arabic or English

Ilm Islamic Bookstore 
mostly Islamic books, some in Arabic, plus Arabic teaching books

Palm Tree Books 
New, used, and antiquarian books on the Islamic world (includes Arabic literature)

Nagam Records
 (The Music and Songs of Marcel Khalife)

Dar El Ilm Lilmalayin  
the oldest and biggest Arabic book publisher in the world. Publishes the famous Arabic/english Almawrid dictionary and Alif baa altabikh cookbooks and many other bestsellers.)

Almedia Interactive  
A description of my activities. Arabic True Type Fonts, a multimedia CD Title: Alefon Ba'on (Arabic For Beginners) and Internet Services. Please see my site)

Online Islamic Bookstore

Islam Market

MSA Bookstore

The Islamic Book Company




Daouk  داعوق 


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