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Cinema & Movies

Arab cinema, past and present
A brief history by Professor Viola Shafik

Moroccan cinema
History of the film industry in Morocco, with a guide to Moroccan films. Produced by the Ministry of Information, but factual and interesting.

Cinema al-Arab, on the Sakhr website, has details (in Arabic only) of the most prominent films, actors and actresses. It also includes a glossary in Arabic for movie terms. [Requires a browser with Arabic support.]

Filmmakers' protestations fail to justify 'The Siege'
Judith Gabriel
Yet another American film portraying Arabs and Muslims as fanatics, extremists, bombers and terrorists. Al Jadid magazine, Vol. 4, No. 25 (Fall 1998)

Middle East Filmography
The University of North Carolina claims to have the most comprehensive and diverse collection of films and videos of the Middle East and Islamic world. More than 500 titles are listed, with full credit annotation and a brief commentary. The collection covers a wide range of topics and genres: documentaries on art and architecture, anthropological, geographical and political studies, literary classics and feature films.

Middle East Video Collection
At the University of California-Berkeley. Covers ancient, classical, contemporary, immigrants, culture to politics.

Arab Film Distribution, based in the United States, probably has the largest selection of Arab films available via the Internet. 

August Light Productions is another US-based distributor of films from the Arab world. 

Films about the Arab world
National Film Board of Canada. Includes documentaries.

Comic twist for Cairo Film Festival
Janet Fine
On the 23rd Cairo International Film Festival, 24 November - 7 December, 1999. (Transnational Broadcasting Studies)

Beirut International Film Festival  
The second annual festival has long since passed its view-by date, but this website, created specially for the occasion in 1997, still gives a fair impression of the range and diversity of contemporary Arab cinema.

Cinema Novo
A festival held in Bruges, Belgium, in 1999.

The Centennial of Arab Cinema
This event, in 1996, marked the largest presentation of Arab films ever shown in the U.S. 

Arab Film

Quait DVD
Movies Guide



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