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Please Do Not Submit Nude Pics, Photos, Porn Or Adult Sites

Only Sex Education & Health Sites

Sexuality Information and Education Council of the U.S. 
An educational council devoted to sexuality with emphasis on teens, religious institutions, adults, school health education, and international information.

Your School and Sex Education    
Dedicated to teaching and implementing sexuality education in schools.

Accepting Our Human Sexuality
Improve your understanding of sex in many different aspects. This site is focused both on males and females.

Human Sexuality Web
Written and presented by graduate students at UMKC for several different purposes, the main reason being to educate students and teachers regarding sexual issues.

Coalition for Positive Sexuality
Aimed towards teens with questions about all aspects of sex, this site offers blunt and informative answers to several common questions about sexuality.

Hollywood Supports    
Organization meant to counter workplace discrimination based on HIV status or sexual orientation. Has videos and classes available.

Who's In Charge?    
Dedicated to abstinence until marriage, site promotes different ways to make this decision, why this is a good decision, and how to maintain your stand.

"Tell it like it is" should be the motto here. This site does not hold back on anything when discussing different mature sexual matters in teen terms.

Just Say Yes    
A direct retaliation against all the "Just Say No" sites, this site offers educational information on sexual diseases, activities, and terms.





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