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Ibn Khaldoun Center for Development Studies

Faculty of Economics & Political Science
Cairo University Undergraduate, Postgraduate & Policy-Oriented School

Faculty of Economics & Political Science
Cairo University Undergraduate, Postgraduate & Policy-Oriented Research Centers School

Egyptian Stock Market
stock market ,technical analysis

Egyptian Center for Economic Studies (ECES)
An independent economics think tank.

Egypt's Social Fund for Development
The SFD was intended to assist the low income population groups most directly affected by the economic reform measures

Egypt Economic Indicators

Economic Research Forum for the Arab Countries
nonprofit, nongovernment independent research institute.

Ayman Kandeel's Home Page
A web site by Ayman Kandeel, a PhD candidate at the University of Southern California. Links and issues related to economics.Lots of stuff about Egypt

Economic trends, data, policies, etc
Trade Compass

Egypt at a glance
Two pages of key indicators tracing the trends in social and economic development over the last three decades. 

Economic profile
International Finance Corporation

CIA World Factbook
An American view of the economy

Monthly economic indicators

Monthly Economic Digest (Ministry of Economy)

Quarterly Economic Digest (Ministry of Economy)

Key economic indicators, policies and trade practices
Reports to US Senate, 1999. Also available as PDF

Economic profile
Agriculture, mining, manufacturing, tourism, and finance [Arab World Online]

The middle east library
Egyptian Economic Laws In English...Investment, Companies, Labor ,Taxes, Customs ...etc

Egyptian Economic Laws and Decrees

The Middle East observer
The leading English economic newspaper with Up-to-date news,banks rates,foreign trade statistics,texts of new laws & international agreements.

Poste d'Expansion Economique du Caire
Le Poste d'Expansion Economique du Caire,service commercial de l'Ambassade de France en République Arabe d'Egypte.

The middle east library
Egyptian Economic Laws In English...Investmenb-Companies-Labour-Taxes-Customs ...etc


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