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Alahly for Development & Investment - ADI

Egyptian Industrial Gases "EIAG", Cairo, Egypt
EIAG is a member of RIV Group, EIAG is established in 1981 on 4,000 square meter area, the first investment of the

Field Investments EgyptYour reliable source for Egypt's most prestigous natural stones

Artoc group for investment
Artoc group for investment & development, AGID invests in manufacturing and development projects

RIV Group of companies, Investing in Egypt
RIV group is established in 1958 with a capital of few thousands of dollars and now having the capital investment which exceeds 100 million US$.

private offshore financial services and investments; subsidiary with computer design and manufacturing

Fiani & Partners
Information provider:Databases,credit,business reports,marketing studies,communications,public relations,investment,project promotion.

Arab Company For Real Estate And Toursim Investment

Delta EAB
Brokerage & Portfolio Management

Egyptian Anglo Financial Investments

Egypt Info Tech Group, an American Investment - Forex firm has just came to town.

Ernst & Young Investment Profile of Egypt

Investing in Egypt

Megavest Investment and stock brokerage

Field Investments Egypt
quarriers, manufacturers and exporters of Egyptian marble, granite, conglomerate/breccia, slate, and sandstone.


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