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short arabic stories
a group of short arabic stories depends on graphics taken from graphic programs libraries and short storiesthese stories belong to islamic eduction type

Egypt's Culture Net

Heliopolis, where the Sun rise for You
provide you with information, news, thoughs from the Sun City

Little Horus
Informational site about Egypt, designed for kids.

The Levant Cultural Multimedia Servers

WTech Educational Gateway - Linking the World
Geographic and Cultural information on 35 countries including Egypt

Female Figures in Ancient Egypt
Egyptian women that illustrate sexuality, fertility, and religion.

GORP: Wondering Egypt
A guide to the Ancient world of Egypt including the Pyramids, Alexandria, Cairo, the Sphinx, maps and more.

Phallic Representations in Ancient Egypt
Provides fertility, sexuality, and comedy.

Status of Women in Ancient Egyptian Society

Walk Like an Egyptian
A modern guide to the philosophies and religion of ancient Egypt.

ABZU Regional Index: Egypt
Territory under the control of the modern states of Egypt and Sudan, and part of Libya.

All Things Sekhmet
Information about ancient the Egyptian sphinx: priestesses, sacred geometry, magic, ritual, deep feminine wisdom, and roles of compassion.

Alliance of the Phoenix (AoP)
Provides ancient Egyptian time-line, recommended reading list, and information about the Netjer and the houses dedicated to their worship.

Ancient Egypt: The Mythology
Providing information about Ancient Egypt's myths, gods and goddesses. Highlights provide detailed "biographies" on over 30 deities.
Official Site of Alexandria Egypt Both in Arabic and English


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