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Dictionary of Ancient Egyptian Religion -  
Provides a concise guide to the symbols and gods of Ancient Egypt.

Dream's Egyptian Mythology Page
Provides information about Isis, Osiris, Ra, and the Papyrus of Ani.

Egyptian Mythology
Provides information about customs and beliefs, empires, Gods, and more.

Emayzine: Egyptian Mythology
Provides info about creation, iconography, sun worship, burial ritual, and Gods information.

Glossary of Egyptian Mythology

Gods of Khem, The
Provides descriptions of Egyptian gods.

Life in Ancient Egypt: Gods and Religion
Provide an overview, funerary customs, chronology of events, and daily life ritual information provided by the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

Mythology Gallery Directory
Provides detailed information about important symbols, Gods, the Osiris Legend, creation myths, hieroglyphs, and more.
Provides info about the dissemination of information on Bast, the feline-headed goddess of ancient Egypt.

Seshat: A Goddess of Ancient Egypt - Provides research on the Kemetic name, Seshat.

Summaries of Notable Egyptian Gods

Temple at Bubastis
Provides information on variations of ancient and modern Bast worship and summaries of dozens of Tameran (ancient Egyptian) deities.

Temple at Bubastis, The
A Website holy to the Goddess Bast.

Temple of Bast - Provide info about ancient Egyptian goddess, Bast, with historical descriptions.

Walk Like an Egyptian
A modern guide to the philosophies and religion of ancient Egypt.



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