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Iraqi Government & Politics

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Tariq Aziz

Constitutional background

Text of constitution

Political chronology of Iraq
From 1918 to 1996

Rulers of Iraq
Since 1921

The Revolutionary Command Council
(US Library of Congress)

The National Assembly
(US Library of Congress)

The President and the Council of Ministers
(US Library of Congress)

List of government ministers  

Elections in Iraq  
by Wilfried Derksen by Wilfried Derksen

Elections and Parliament  
[Medea database]

Iraqi National Congress
Official website (English and Arabic)

Iraqi National Congress  
[Medea database]

Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iraq

Worker Communist Party of Iraq
(in English, Kurdish, and Arabic)

Iraqi Democratic Union

Iraq Action Coalition

Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq
(based in Iran)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Provides statements, Iraqi press, human rights, and other links.

Iraq Action Coalition
An independent grassroots coalition dedicated to providing information on the consequences of the blockade on Iraq and to providing assistance to the Iraqi people.

Iraqi National Congress
Provide news and information from the main Iraqi opposition group.

Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iraq
Working for the freedom and independence of Kurdistan.

Party of the New Republic (PNR)
Constructive, non-armed, Islamic, Democratic, and National opposition front to achieve the democratic change in Iraq.

Worker Communist Party of Iraq
In English, Kurdish, and Arabic languages.

Iraqi Democratic Union
Provide solidarity with the Iraqi people's struggle for freedom, democracy, and human rights.

The Constitutional Monarchy Movement

Iraq - Interim Constitution
{ Adopted: 1990 / Status: 1990 } 

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