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Iraqi Government & Politics

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Iraq Report

Iraq Research and Documentation Project -- 
from Harvard University

Iraq Under Sanctions

Permanent Mission of Iraq to the United Nations

Saddam Hussein's Iraq -- 
Report issued by the U.S. State Deaprtment

Inspecting Iraq 
CNN Interactive

Saddam and the Bomb  
Nuclear Control Institute

The search for nuclear technology
Israeli attack on the Osiraq plant, 1981

UN weapons inspection reports

Inside Saddam's secret nuclear programme

Iraq's reconstitution of its nuclear weapons programme

Intelligence Service (Mukhabarat)
[also in Arabic]

Military Bureau
[also in Arabic]

Global Chamber of Commerce

UN Reports on Human Rights in Iraq

Iraq Information Center 

Iraq Foundation, Washington DC.

Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) - Iraq

Assyrian Democratic Movement - Iraq

Assyrian American National Federation 

The Supreme Counsel for Islamic  Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI) 

Iraqi Communist  Organizations

Worker Communist Party of Iraq

Iraqi Turkmans

Democracy Now 

The Independent  Iraqi Group of North America 

The Constitutional Monarchy Movement

Iran-Iraq war

Kuwait and its aftermath

Iraq: a country study
Good, detailed information from the US Library of Congress

Basic facts
from the US Central Intelligence Agency

Detailed information about the oil for food programme is available from the website of the UN Office of the Iraq Programme. It includes the following ...

Latest news
Frequently updated reports on the programme

Basic statistics 
Contracts received, approved, on hold and delivered.

Oil for food at a glance
A summary of the programme

Chronology of the programme

Security Council Resolutions
Relating to the oil for food programme

Reports of the Secretary-General

Iraq and the Internet
Report by Human Rights Watch


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