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State Audit Bureau
Kuwaiti commission for financial control in which its independence shall be safe_ guarded by the law.a commission for financial control in which its independence is safe_ guarded by the law.  

Kuwaiti embassies abroad  

Foreign embassies in Kuwait

Government departments 

Emergency and hospitals

The Republic of Turkey Embassy

Agriculture in Kuwait
Crops, irrigation, animal resources, flora and landscaping. [Hawally.org]

Electricity and water

Kuwait Embassy in Ottawa
Details of visa requirements, plus general information about the country

Petrochemical labor union    

Kuwait Social Development Office
SDO Established in 1992, under the patronage of H.H. The Amir Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmed Al Sabah, provides documentation, researches and training for its clinicians at the different levels of service.     

Kuwait National Assembly
Official Web Site of Kuwait National Assembly.     

Chief of State and Cabinet Members

Census Bureau
This has to be one of the most expansive sites in the Net. You can get data maps of every country and major city in the nation.  

The Permanent Mission Of The State Of Kuwait To The United Nations.


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