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Kuwait, war and environment
Transcript of Green Cross documentary for CNN

Human and ecological consequences of the Gulf War's environmental damages in Kuwait 
Presentation by Bertrand Charrier to the UNCC, 25 January, 2000

Usenet - soc.culture.kuwait
Topics about Kuwaiti culture, society, and history.

An Environmental Assessment of Kuwait Seven Years after the Gulf War
Summary of a report by the Green Cross International, August 1998. 

Kuwait Online

Website for the Hawally area

Kuwait Toplist

Al-Sanousi, Naser - Kuwait Q8
Provides information about the country, cars, Arabic news, Gulf War, Islam, and more.

National Evangelical Church in Kuwait

Alhulail, Faisal

MX Advertising
Advertising, media planning, exhibitions, market search graphic designing, commercial photography, silk screen 

Kuwait Society for Formative Arts
The Kuwait Society for Formative Arts is a social society under the auspices of the ministry of social and labor. It modulates the Kuwaiti artists in and out of the State of Kuwait.  

The Tareq Rajab Museum
Private collection of Art from the Islamic World   

The Yellow Fort Holding
Kuwait history and pictures from Kuwait.    

Brief History of Kuwait
Kuwait was part of the Turkish Ottoman Empire from the 16th century until the latter part of the 19th century when the Al-Sabah family, which now rules Kuwait, took control of local administration and steered the country into a semi-autonomous position.   



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