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Kuwait Canara Welfare Association

National Committee for Missing & POW's Affairs
Information about all P.O.W in Iraq during the invasion of Kuwait.

Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences

Council of Leaders of Filipino Communities
Umbrella of Overseas Filipino Workers Organization in Kuwait.

Grand Mosque of Kuwait
Information on Mosque  

Ray of Hope
Recovery from Alcholism  

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
UNDP supports Kuwaits national efforts to build a productive and prosperous society for current and future generations. Besides technical assistance and cooperation, UNDP is the sole coordinating agency in Kuwait for UN system development activities.      

Democratic Circle
A democratic student group in Kuwait University 

Kuwait Society for Formative Arts
The Kuwait Society for Formative Arts is a social society under the auspices of the ministry of social and labor. It modulates the Kuwaiti artists in and our of the State of Kuwait  

State Audit Bureau
Kuwaiti commission for financial control in which its independence shall be safe_ guarded by the law.a commission for financial control in which its independence is safe_ guarded by the law.



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