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in the Libyan military.

nuclear and chemical Federation of American Scientists report on Libyan weapons development.

F.T.E. Cenzin Co. Ltd. -- 
a Polish arms supplier for Libya.

Libya and terrorism.

torture and abuse
Amnesty International reports 

NATO and North Africa
Problems and Prospects a U.S. Army War College article by Adolf Carlson.

World Fact book  
This 1995 guide includes basic information about the land, people, economy, and government.

chemical arms  
plant near completion in Libya, U.S. says. From Nando Times. Here's a U.S. Department of Defense artist's rendering of Libya's reputed Tarhunah underground weapons lab. More information on the Tarhuna site.

chemical weapons A 1996 article on Libyan 

opposition groups, parties, national fronts and organizations  
and the Committee to Protect Journalists in Libya.

Norwegian arms embargo 
on Libya.

land mines  
Information about the effort to remove from the Libya-Chad conflict.

Military expenditures 
in Libya in U.S. dollars and local currency.

Vantage Security Systems  
report on Libyan insurgency.


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