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Libian Government & Politics

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Muammar Qadhafi

Constitution (1951-69)
Full text of the constitution that was in place before Qadhafi's takeover

Elections and Parliament

List of government ministers  

Communique Number One
Broadcast by Colonel Qadhafi after taking power, 1 Sep 1969).

Libyan Law  
references and the Constitution of Libya, including the Constitutional Proclamation of 1969 and 1992.

Mission of Libya  
to the United Nations.

Arab Legislative Encyclopedia
includes Libyan information, in Arabic.

Libya's leaders  
from the Political Reference Almanac.

Social Security  

Key leaders  
in Libya's power structure.

Oil, gas, coal and electricity
US Energy Information Administration

Libya ABC Interactive Factbook

Libyan politics

Lockerbie bombing

Libya: a country study
Good, detailed information from the US Library of Congress

Basic facts
from the US Central Intelligence Agency


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