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Libyan leaders  
as of 17 Dec. 1998.

States & Provinces  

Mansur Kikhia Foundation for Democracy and Human Rights  
in Libya contains interesting information on Libyan human rights topics.

Libyan American Friendship  
Association's "goal is to build a bridge of communication between the Libyan people and the American people, so a new era of relations can be started."

Shu'un Libiyah  
is a publication of the Libyan Movement for Change and Reform. The Movement "is dedicated to changing the existing illegitimate regime which has reduced our country to its present tragic state ... and works for the establishment of a democratic society based upon the free will of the people and the rule of law."

Political Resources on the Net  
offers an index of Libyan political sites available on the Internet, with links to parties, organizations, government, and media. It is maintained by Roberto Cicciomessere.

The Fighting Islamic Group  

National Front for the Salvation of Libya  
offers a page in both English and Arabic, which contains the organization's "Platform for the Political, Social and Economic Reconstruction of Libya" for the "building of a new Libyan democratic society." The site also offers access to Al-Inqad, an Arabic language magazine produced by the N.F.S.L.

Amazigh movement  

U.S. lawmaker's trip  

International Condemnation of the Gadhafi Regime  
a discussion group.

human rights information  

Jamahir Society for Culture and Philosophy.

French site on Libyan 

The Green Book  
of Colonel Qadhafi. 

Declaration on the Establishment of the Authority of the People
2 Mar 1977


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