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About Libyan culture.


Africa online Libya

Basic information  
[Medea database]

Welcome to Libya
An untitled site covering all things Libyan, from the Colonel's speeches to the invention of a rocket car.

Libya Online

Libya Web

Libya Mazigh
highlights Libya's Amazigh (Berber) Culture

Libya (Model League of Arab States) 

Libya (African Studies, Penn Univ.) 

Libya: Our Home 

Library of Congress: Area Handbook Series: Libya

Miftah Shammali: Libya

Soc.culture.libya Newsgroup

Libyan literature and art
(in Arabic, via Ibrahim Ighneiwa)

Ibrahim Ighneiwa, Libya

Mohamed Hassan´s Page Libya

(legendary, died 272 B.C.E.) An article by Plutarch, partially set in Libya from the Internet Classics Archive. Written 75 A.C.E.

Leptis Magna and Sabratha, The Department of Art History at the Australian National University has an excellent archive of photographs of the ancient Roman cities , however the site is now charging for access to full size images. Some thumbnail photos may be previewed for free.

theater at Leptis Magna.

Euesperides -- 
An Ancient Greek Colony in Libya, near present day Bengazi.

Libyan mathematician Eratosthenes.


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