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Languages of Libya  
from the Ethnologue, a catalog of world languages.

Christian missionary 
information on Libya.

Ahmed Ibraham El Fagih
founder the Union of Libyan Writers, has published 28 books, novels, essays, plays, and short stories in English and Arabic. Information about them is available on his Web site. His contributions to the field of Arab literature won him many medals and awards, among them the highest medal of his country.

history of Libya 

foreign relations  
from Travel Document Systems.

ABZU Regional Index  
an experimental guide to the Ancient Near East, including parts of Libya

"Lion of the Desert,"
Mujahed Omar al-Mukhtar was the Lion of the Desert, who resisted the Italian occupation of Libya. Information about the movie which stars Anthony Quinn. 

Omar al-Mukhtar
with history and images.

Knud Ahmed Holmboe
a Muslim who studied and supported the Libyan resistance movement against Italian occupation in the 1930s.

A Yank in Libya.

Libyan Islamic Group  
is an excellent Libyan site with extensive original content that can't be found anywhere else on the Internet. Unfortunately, this site is entirely in Arabic, including its daily news section.

Libyan art.

Garamantes of the Fezzan -- 
The archaeology of Saharan oasis-dwellers.

historic Libya.

Chinese characters.

Encyclical epistle  
to the bishops of Egypt and Libya by Saint Athanasius.

Women's organisations  
in Libya.

Libyan recipes
cous cous, etc.

Libyan food and cookbooks.


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