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Soc.culture.maghreb Newsgroup

North Africa Journal and Maghreb Weekly Monitor

GORP - Who is this Wanderer?
Provides a profile of Battuta's life.

Ibn Battuta the Great Traveler
Describes the journeys, writings, and life of the medieval traveler who covered more than 75,000 miles in about 30 years.

Medieval Sourcebook: Ibn Batuta Travels
Excerpts from the Arab traveler's book, Travels in Asia and Africa 1325-1354. Translated and selected by H.A.R. Gibb.

Travels of Ibn Battuta - A Visual Tour
Features map of journeys and suggested projects for students.

Alhoceima (City of)
City of Alhoceima, Northern Morocco, for toursim and investing. 

Alhoceima Cybercafe
A Cybercafe located in Alhoceima, Northern Morocco, offering internet, games, training, coffee.
Miftah Shamali and Encyclopaedia of the Orient

Morocco Gateway
Country info, investing, market news. 

The North Africa Journal
"Bringing North Africa to the World"

Tunisian Community Center (TCC)
TCC is a non-profit Social Club for Tunisians in North America. The Club plans & organizes its activities via its Website:

Delights of the Morocco cuisine from the Maghreb net web.

Moroccan Recipes from the Maghreb net web.


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