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al-Hayat al-Jadedah 




Akhbar al-Naqab 


Kul al-Arab 

Kul - Alarab newspaper

Saut al-Haq Wal-Horia 

Al-Massar Weekly Newspaper

Assenara Weekly Newspaper

Alhayat, produced in London


Al Massar  
Bimonthly Arabic Newspaper

Palestine Times

Ha'aretz Daily 

Jerusalem Post 

Challenge: A Jerusalem Magazine on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Voice of Palestine
Daily news headlines (audio) from the Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation, updated at 11 am local time

Birzeit OutLoud
Palestine's first internet radio station. Half-hour programmed each Saturday at 3pm Palestine time (GMT +2).

Tariq-Al-Mahbeh Radio Station

Shepherds TV
A television station in Bethlehem. General information and programmed details in Arabic (an English version is under construction). No on-line video as yet.
Music TV and Radio and much more

The Voice of love and Peace is the first private Palestinian radio station, established in march 20th 1995
first to transmit live through the net 24 hours


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