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Palestine -- Articles from the French newspaper Le Monde Diplomatique

Arab Media Internet Network (AMIN)
A good selection of articles in Arabic and English

Jerusalem Media and Communication Centre
A Palestinian organisation which aims to provide reliable information for journalists, researchers, news agencies and individuals

The Palestine Report
A news digest in English, published by the Jerusalem Media and Communication Centre

International Press Institute
Press Freedom Review (on Israel)

Committee to Protect Journalists
annual review (on Israel)

Reporters Sans Frontieres
annual review (in French)

Internews Middle East

Palestine News Agency (WAFA)

Israeli Arab News-net

Palestine Internet News Center

Al-Akhbar (Palestine news service)

Alternative Information Centre

Focus 55 for Press Services from Palestine
A group of Palestinian journalists and photographers cover the Palestinian events to newspapers and magazines by reports and photos. The manager and contact person : Abed Qusini

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