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Women in the Arab World

Arab Woman Home page

Contemporary Arab women's art
A exhibition that brings together the works of 18 Arab women artists.

Mounirah Mosly
Women artists from Saudi Arabia

Role of women in Arabic literature

Muslim Woman Home page

The distorted image of Muslim women
By a female convert to Islam

The Status of Women in Islam
By Dr Hammuda Abdul-Ati from “Islam in Focus”)

Changing ideas about Muslim women
Mary Walker, who was Production Coordinator on the BBC2 series, “Living Islam”, desibes how working on the programme changed her views.

Why women are turning to Islam
Surprising as it may seem, the majority of converts to Islam are women. By a woman who converted from Christianity.


The Role  of Women in Nubia

Sinai Bedouin Women

The Status of Women  in Ancient Egyptian Society

The Status of Women in  Egyptian Society

Women's Affairs Technical Committee

Women's Studies Center

In'ash Al-Usra Society-Center



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