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The Grateful Dead
During the Grateful Dead's historic 1978 performances in Egypt, percussionist Mickey Hart set time aside to travel with longtime friend Hamza El Din and make field recordings of the country's richly varied music.

The influence of Egypt on western pop culture
Anne Dudley and Jaz Coleman - Songs From The Victorious City. There are strong impressions of Egyptian music, westernised to an extent and therefore more palatable to a British audience. Generally speaking, if you like Paul Mounsey or Baka Beyond you should at least listen to this album.

Page and Plant
This one-time reunion of Robert Plant and Jimmy Page (formerly of Led Zeppelin) features performances from locations in London, Morocco and Wales taped in August 1994.

Brian Jones
Brian Jones, djellabahs and the Master Musicians of Jojouka: Got together to record for an album in 1968, 'The Pipes of Pan'.  It sounds a bit like modernjazz, like John Coltrane or Ornette Coleman, although it’s really pagan trance music.

Rolling Stones
Back to Morocco in 1989 to record with Moroccan musicians for the track Continental Drift. "Continental Drift is an interesting experiment with Moroccan rhythms".

The Qur'an recited
by Prof. Mahmoud Ayoub of Temple University  [Middle East Studies Association Bulletin]

Cairo practice
The early days of Arab music recording in Egypt, by Paul Vernon

Music of Algeria: selected recordings
by Prof. Dwight Reynolds of the University of California, Santa Barbara 

Khalife's "Magic Carpet," a revolution in Arabic music
by Abdel'ilah Balqaziz [Aljadid magazine, Beirut]

Provides Arabic songs and poems

Arabic Jukebox
Provides a selection of Arabic artists and downloadable songs.

Arabic Records Store
Provides contemporary and traditional popular CD's imported directly from the original manufacturers.

Aramusic, Arabic Music CDs
Provides contemporary and classical music.

Provides Armenian, Arabic, Persian, and other middle eastern music.

Nagham Online
Provides original and current Arabic music.

Shamra International Arabic and Quraan CDs
Provides alphabetical listings of artists, compilations, and belly dancing music.

Introduction to Arab music - Encarta

Arabic Midi
A large collection of audio files

Arabic Music Internet Reference (AMIR) 
A substantial database of Arab music, including details of more than 150 well-known singers

Most of the audio files on this page require RealPlayer (free download)

Drum lesson
by Robin Anders

Rhythm generator
Just tell it what you want, and it plays

A selection of rhythms

Learning resources
for percussion

Music and rhythm
a belly dancer's view, by Roxann (Ann Sabin)

Kesslari's advanced Doumbek rhythms
with a solo sound sample.

A "quick and dirty" guide to doumbek rhythms

Amr Diab: The Fans Club  

Music Box Jordan    

Bashar's hidings 
Wav files and usefull electronic music links.  

Arabic Music on Line Store.  


Arabic Music and Musicians Forum  


Lebanese Songs  

Les Chansonniers du Liban (humour)  

Popular music from Maghreb : Raï, Chaabi...  


sahara productions - Music.



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