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Introduction to Islamic art
by Dr Linda Komaroff
This illustrated introduction links history with artistic developments and covers the early Islamic, early medieval, late medieval and later Islamic periods. It is based around the extensive collection of works at Los Angeles County Museum of Art, ranging in date from the seventh to the 19th century and geographically from southern Spain to Central Asia. For a quick overview of the items discussed, see the page of thumbnail images.

Art of the Mamluks
Illustrated elections from a book by Dr. Esin Atil, describing the art of the Mamluk empire that ruled in Egypt, Syria, and Palestine for more than 250 years,

Symmetry and pattern: the art of oriental rugs
Site created by Carol Bier, curator of the Textile Museum. Detailed commentary on   aspects of design, involving some simple mathematics.

Rugs: design, dyeing techniques, materials, weaving and knotting, classification, etc.

A comprehensive website about henna, used for skin decoration in many parts of the Arab world - including how to do it yourself.

More about henna

Art and Islam
Elisabeth Siddiqui discusses the relationship between Islamic art and the principles of Islam.

Islamic art exhibition
A selection of exhibits at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Arab Art Exchange
Probably the best site for modern Arab art. Extensive list of artists with links to their work, reviews and articles.

Tunisian Art
Mostly the work of one artist, but also general information on galleries and the arts in Tunisia

Orient Art
Portfolios by Lebanese artists, plus links to several Beirut galleries

Iraqi Art
Work by several groups of artists, such as the Baghdad School and the Pioneers

International Muslimah Artists' Network (IMAN)
Works by contemporary women artists

Work by Egyptian artists for sale

Kahlil Gibran's Art
The writer turns artist

Khalil Sakakini Center
Palestinian artists and poets

Contemporary Sudanese Art

Paintings of Yemen
A selection of watercolours and oils by Caroline Lees

Islamic Architecture of Isfahan

Islamic architecture

This site, produced by the Islamic and Arabic Arts and Architecture Organisation, gives a comprehensive overview, with readable articles and ample illustrations. The concept of decoration is explained, along with techniques and materials, including metal and wood. Other sections deal with shrines and palaces, and religious aspects. There is also discussion of architecture as the expression of power, the impact of Islamic architecture on the Western world, and its possible future development.

Textual materials on Islamic architecture
A guide produced by the Rotch Library

A commentary on Yemeni traditional architecture
by Derek Matthews (British-Yemeni Society Journal, 1996)

Zaha Hadid: Art And Architecture
The work of an award-winning Iraqi-born woman architect, by Osama 

IWAN Architecture
A company formed by two architects, Chawki Mannai and Dhaker Zouari, which aims to draws on its immediate environment, including Arab-Islamic references, while using the latest technology.


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