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Arabic  Literature & Language Resources

Arab Poems

Arabic Poems  

Mahfouz and his work
Egyptian State Information Service

Encyclopaedia Arabica

Encyclopedia of the Orient

Nobel Lecture
by Naguib Mahfouz, 8 December, 1988, on receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature

Biographical note on Naguib Mahfouz
Nobel Foundation

Taha Hussein Museum

General resources on Arabic

Background on the Arabic Language

Arabic Program at the University of Pennsylvania

List of Universities Teaching Arabic

BABEL Arabic 
An interactive course for beginners with text, sound, transcriptions and translations. It teaches writing and reading in the form of conversations. The first 12 lessons are free of charge.

Harvard University
An extensive website, with the emphasis on  Modern Standard Arabic. There are several vocabulary lists covering thousands of words, and also resources for learning Arabic grammar, including a standard textbook which can be downloaded free of charge. Students who already know some words and a little grammar can develop their reading skills with Harvard's interactive Arabic texts which use a "point and click" system to look up the meaning of words.

Virtual Language Lab  
At the University of Pennsylvania offers 12 audio lessons.

The Arabic Tutor
A beginners' course on CD ROM which can be sampled and purchased over the Internet.

Arabic Language Adventure 
An interactive guide to Arabic writing and grammar which can be purchased over the Internet. It is aimed mainly at younger students.

Let's Learn Arabic 
A course devised by Roger Allen of  Pennsylvania University. Dialogues are in RealAudio.

Lebanese proverbs

Egyptian proverbs

Palestinian proverbs

Human Languages Page
info about all languages, including Arabic

100 arabic love poems

Abdulsamie Zaineldin - Modern Egyptian Poet, Playwright & Critic  


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