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 Arab Society & Culture

The Arabic Club

Middle Eastern Recipes

Oriental Institute Museum SUQ Store
Featuring books and gifts relating to the ancient Near East including Egypt, Mesopotamia, Syria, Palestine, Israel, and the Eastern Mediterranean.

Eyhab Al-Masri HomePage
All what you need to know about Islam and the Middle East.

Middle East Studies' Virtual Library
links to resources about every Arab country and the Middle East in general

Saud al-Hajeri's homepage
Info and links about Arab countries, news sources, Islam and more (some links are outdated)

Smileys Arabic Music & Jokes Site!  
(Over 100 Songs and Jokes using realaudio)

Welcome to T.S. Palestine's Home  
(Palestine, Middle East - news, articles etc)

(misc. Arab related resources)

Association of Middle East Women's Studies

Websites for Middle Eastern Studies

Ohio State University Workshop on Middle Eastern Cultures

Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies
A study of the modern history and current affairs of the Middle East and Africa.

The Arab Organization for Human Rights (AOHR) : Cairo, Egypt

The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee : Washington, DC - info, campaigns, teach-ins and more

Palestinian American Society of Engineers Initial WebSite used to outreach the Palestinian Engineers in USA


The First Crossing of the Empty Quarter
by Wilfred Thesiger (from the book, "Arabian Sands")

The Physics of Blown Sand
by William Langewiesche (from the book, "Sahara Unveiled")

Pearl fishing
Dangerous life of divers in the Gulf

The ancient sport of the Bedouin

Ornithological Society of the Middle East (OSME)
Information for bird-watchers in the Arab world

The flora of Soqotra
A site developed by the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, describing the rare flora on this remote island off the southern coast of Arabia.

The Argan tree
This remarkable tree grows only in parts of Morocco, surviving drought, preventing soil erosion and providing food for people and goats alike. (In French)

Camels of Arabia

See how it moves
Video clip of a camel in action; takes time to download (Oakland Zoo)

Camels and their cousins

The camel is related to the llama, the alpaca, the vicuna and the guanaco.

Camelus dromedarius
Its height, weight, habitat, diet, etc.

Camel racing
How the finest camels are bred

Camel hospital
Yes, camels in Dubai enjoy the finest medical facilities.

Middle East Desalination Research Center

Arabic Countries' WWW sites

A Tour of Syria 
info on business, travel, music and links about Syria.

A wooden bench just for two 
A novel by Shehata El-Aaryan. In Arabic.  

Arab World Online

Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development - AFESD

Arab World Institute - IMA is a full featured personal ads with photos and 
matchmaking dedicated to the Arab community and featuring 
thousands of single men and women from all around the world. 
Membership is FREE!

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