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Prof. Reda A. Ammar


Prof. Sadek Eid

Prof. A. Moussa

Prof. M. Nabil Esmail

Prof. Nabil R. Adam

Dr. M.Abdel Rehim Osman

Dr. Nabil Nasr

Hatem, Frank DSD
Provides information about Professor Hatem, his writings on hyperscience and holistic psychology, and more.

Dr. Ali ElZeiny


Dr.Amal El-Tobgy

Dr.Ahmed Kamel's Home Page

Dr. Hassan Sadek

Dr. Ehab  Hassanein


The curse of the Pharaohs

Hamed El-Afandi's fun homepage

Mahmoud Mohamed El-Khouly's  homepage

Neveen's homepage

Shereef Shehata and Dictionary

Moustafa's Homepage

Abdel-Hadi's Homepage (EGYPT)

Abed's Homepage

Mohamed El-Morshedy's Homepage

Nancy Hussein Abdel wahab

Mohamed Galal Sabbah

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