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History & Archeology

Abzu Regional Index: Mesopotamia -- Research Archives of the Oriental Institute, Chicago

Hammurabi's Code of Law

Iraq History


Mesopotamia Virtual Classroom -- Contains teaching aids and references for secondary school teachers and students.

Mesopotamian Image Gallery -- Oriental Institute Virtual Gallery, Chicago

Nippur Expedition

Sam Ruff's Photographs of Mesopotamia, 1954-1956 Including Real Audio captions.

Sumerian Text Archive

A Great Assemblage: The Babylonian Collection
Provides images and descriptions from artifacts held at Sterling Memorial Library.

Ancient Mesopotamia: 7000 to 550 BC
From WebChronology Project.

Babylonia and Near Eastern Resources
From Restoring Christian Keys.

Babylonian and Egyptian Mathematics
MacTutor History of Mathematics archive.

Babylonian Flood Story

Babylonian Mathematics
How this ancient culture used math to mark time, and build large structures.

Babylonian Texts of the First Millennium B.C.
A database of administrative, juridical, and economic texts.

Catholic Encyclopedia: Babylonia
Covering aspects of geography, early history, the first and Chaldean empires.

Catholic Encyclopedia: Captivities of the Israelites
Providing Assyrian, Babylonian, and Roman Captivity.

Contracts from Mesopotamia, c. 2300 - 428 BCE
Ancient History Sourcebook.

Counting in Babylon
Weights, measures, numbering systems, fractions, and more.

Cyrus the Great
First Achaemenian Emperor of Persia, who is believed to be the first head of state to issue a decree on the rights of nations.

Encyclopędia Britannica: Babylonia
About the ancient cultural region occupying southeastern Mesopotamia between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

Greek Reports of Babylonia, Chaldea, and Assyria
From the Ancient History Sourcebook.

History of Plumbing - Babylonia

King Hammurabi (c.1792-1750 BCE)
Provides information concerning the Amorite King of Babylon, best known for his Code of Laws.

Lectures: Mesopotamia

Medicine in Ancient Mesopotamia

The geography, environment, people, economy, theology and Assyriology from John Heise's "Akkadian language".

Mesopotamia in the Era of State Formation
Info the Uruk expansion and theories of cultural change in Greater Mesopotamia during the fourth millennium B.C.

Mesopotamian Origins of Genesis.
Comparing Biblical stories in Genesis to the more ancient Mesopotamian texts.

Mesopotamian Year Names: Neo-Sumerian and Old Babylonian Date Formulae
Compiled as a tool for the dating of cuneiform tablets as well as for supporting historical studies on early bookkeeping techniques.

Old Babylonian Kingdom: Hanging Gardens of Babylon
The great fruits and flowers... waterfalls... gardens hanging from the palace terraces; they might have never existed.

Old Babylonian Kingdom: King Hammurabi (c.1792-1750 BCE) - Provides information about the Amorite King of Babylon, best known for his Code of Laws.

Old Persian Texts

Origin and Development of Writing in Mesopotamia
An economic interpretation by Arden Eby.

Virtual Museum Mesopotamian Art
Provides a collections for the University of Chicago's Oriental Institute. Requires Quicktime VR.

Web Directory: ABZU Mesopotamia
Resources for the study of ancient Mesopotamia. Sumerian, Akkadian, Ugaritic, Hittite and other languages written in cuneiform scripts.

Web Directory: Mesopotamia
From Creative Impulse, The Artist's view of World History and Western Civilization.

Woolley and the Great Flood
Info about the Mesopotamian flood tradition.

FAQ - The Assyro-Babylonian Mythology


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