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A large collection of old photos of Iraq, updated iraqi&Mideast news, Iraqi& Arabic songs,chat,discussion,software and more

we shall overcome.   

Ali Allaq   

Australian Granite & Marble Manufacturer  

Hello Iraq   


Palace of Ashurnasirpal II
Provides short movie clips that are part of a larger 3-D animated fly-through of the palace.

Iraq - The Ongoing Agony
Provides general data on Iraq, historical and geographical links, culture and more.

Usenet - soc.culture.iraq
Iraq, its society, culture and heritage.

IRAQ ONLINE IRAQ ONLINE is a small effort towards bringing Iraqis scattered around the globe, to one place. To share ideas, discuss Iraqi concerns, meet old friends, make new ones or simply …..just to hang out!! Please, make a small effort to keep it to our expectations by keeping to discipline, good manners and respect to others even when you disagree with them. This site, is for all Iraqi regardless of their affiliations, religions, ethnic backgrounds, and all of the world Pleas don´t forget our people in IRAQ 

Saad Rashid's essentials website. It's a zoo of cyberspace links useful to Iraqis in exile.  

Iraq black land  
About iraq cultuer 

amad alghaze  
Aboutiraq cultuer 

A website about Iraq. History, old photos, poems and more.

Annabaa magazine  
islamic arabic magazine 

مجلة فكرية شهرية تعنى بالفكر الاسلامي المعاصر Annabaa Magazine  
The largest Iraqi web directory.100s of links and items.News, music in Arabic & Assyrian,shopping,games,voice chat and more. 

Souheil Kobeissi  
Aldallal Classifieds intends to provide opportunities for career advancement, housing and transportation needs for the Gulf Cooperation Council member countries.

Voice Chat 


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