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Rayed George: International Music Composer

Voice of the love

Moona the virtual homepage which takes you..

Walter Aziz


Biography of President Saddam Hussein
By the Republic of Iraq Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Saddam Hussein
Provides biographical background and links to news stories.

BBC News: Saddam Hussein - His Rise to Power
By Gerald Butt. Hussein - The Man the U.S. Loves to Hate
Analyzes Hussein's background and motives. Transcript of Saddam Hussein's Speech to Iraqis
From September 3, 1996.

Emergency Net: Hussein
Offers biographical background.

Frontline: The Survival of Saddam
Portrait of Saddam Hussein's life and the secrets behind his leadership. providing info about interviews, rare photographs, and Saddam "music videos."

Iraq Today: Saddam Hussein's Speech
Provides text of President Hussein's speech on the 11th anniversary of the Great Victory Day.

Megastories: Saddam's Early Life, the Lust for Power
Provides background on Hussein and his family.

MSN Encarta Encyclopedia: Saddam Hussein
Providing info about career overview.

Saddam Hussein and His Profile
Critical analysis of Hussein's leadership.

Saddam Hussein, President of Iraq
Providing info about personal and professional background.

Who 2: Saddam Hussein
Providing info about background and annotated links.

S. Hajeri

Saleh's Home Page about Iraq

Simko Halmet  
A kurdish homepage from Australia. 

Farhad Pirbal  
Dr. Farhad Pirbal home page 

Dr. Munther Al-Fadhal  
Dr. Munther Al-Fadhal`s Website 


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