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Iraq-Missing Person


World Federation of  KSIMC

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Save the Children of Iraq-IraqNet

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[Medea database]

The Republic of Iraq WWW resources

Kurdistan Information Centre

Iraq (Model League of Arab States)

Pictures from Iraq (Suhaib Mohammed)

Soc.culture.iraq Newsgroup

An iraqi memories
An iraqi memories fantastic home page 

Iraq - Information
Republic 434,000 sq km 17 millioninhabitants Capital: Baghdad Leader of the state: Saddam Hussein Day of independence: July 14 (this is the date of the coup in 1958, while the day of independence was originally Ocotber 3, 1932) 

Iraq - The Silent War
In a May 12, 1996 Sixty Minutes Broadcast, Leslie Stah asked UN Ambassador Albright whether the embargo related deaths of over 500,000 children in Iraq were acceptable. Albright responded with similar cool that the choice had been "difficult" but that the US thinks "the price is worth it." 

Ramsey Clark's letter to the UN on Iraq
The following is the text of the letter sent on June 13, 1996 by International Commission of Inquiry on Economic Sanctions Co-President former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark to Ambassador Rolf Ekeus, Chairman U.N. Special Commission on Iraq: Dear Mr. Ekeus, How many children are you willing to let die while you search for "items" you "are convinced still exist in" Iraq? See, "Years After War, Iraq Is Still Hiding Arms, U.N. Says," N.Y. Times, June 13, 1996. 



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