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Lebanese Art

ALEPCO Art Lebanese Program Corp.
Entertainment, Promotion.

Galerie Manon
Dear Art lovers, our main interest is to provide you a path that will lead your talent to the extraordinary world of Internet...

Honey Aboul Hosn Art Gallery.
personal web site about the artist and his paintings.

Ziad Rahbani Web Site
Ziad's web site created by some fans. Nicely done.

Yazid Aoun Galeria
artist designer.

Ziad Rahbani,

Yazid Aoun Galeria
artist designer.

Art Gallery
contains pictures of Lebanon, as well as Lebanese persons related to the Christian religion.

Ana Corbero
artist and designer.

Artistica: The artist's index
ultimate on-line index about the Singers, Actors, Antiques, Dancers, Poets, Painters, Producers, Production Houses and Distributors.

Cyber Galary
the first Cyber Gallery that caters primarily to Lebanese and Arabic Artists as well as Artists from around the World hosting a wide variety of exhibitions. Professional, amateur artists are welcomed and encouraged to participate in our exhibitions.

Galerie Manon...The Art Consulate
Virtual Art Gallery known as the Art Consulate...

FTMG International
showing works by Lebanese painter Mustafa Farroukh (1901-1957).

Issam J. Sabeh
18 samples of computer paintings trying to project that art is on every media.

Joseph Matar
Artist & Painter.

Khaled D. Ramadan's Web Site
Sculptor and Architect Khaled D. Ramadan. Lebanese living in Denmark.

L'ACCT au Liban,

L'Artisan du Liban s.a.r.l.,

Le XIième Mondial de la publicité francophone à Beyrouth!
Beyrouth, du 1er au 5 Octobre 1997.

Lebanon Art
a place on the internet where expression is in brush and color, in word and in rhythm.

Home of the artist painter and poet Joseph Matar who invites the Lebanese artists to exhibit their artworks..

Lebanon My Beautiful Country
watercolor paintings from my place of birth, Lebanon, bring back to life beautiful childhood memories.

M. Farroukh Museum
Museum that contains works by Art Pioneer in Lebanon M. Farroukh (1901-1957). More than 80 pages of paintings and biography.

Mohamed Chebaro
dedicated to the artist Mohamad Chebaro.

Omar Onsi (1901-1969)

Lebanon's Premiere Virtual Art Gallery

Quelle Francophonie pour le XXIe siècle ?
Le 2e concours international de la Francophonie Charles-Hélou.

For the last 30 years, Stavro Jabra, better known as STAVRO, has been reflecting through his work the current events in Lebanon, the Middle East and the world in general.

Syndicate of Professional Artists in Lebanon,

Tarek Gabriel Sikias
Photos retouching, graphic design, gif animations, links, NY, lot of fun.

Arts & Antiques.

The Artist Lounge
an instrumental part of an attempt to provide an overview of what artwork was available for sale beyond a single gallery

The Rahbani Brothers
Information on Assi and Mansour.

The Middle Eastern Cultural Page
art, music, literature, restaurants, and much more that are all apart of Middle Eastern culture. An informative guide for all who are interested in learning more about this fascinating and ancient culture.

Beit Sherif
objets d'art, artisanat.

Maison du Rotin
ETS LB2 Cote D’Ivoire Maison Du Rotin Artisanat Africaine: Rotin-Meubles-Gadgets Jdeideh - Immeuble La Tour.

Kelekian, Lena and Hilda - Sacred Art Studio
Sacred Art Studio: Christian and Islamic themes painted on goatskin parchment by Hilda, and Byzantine-style icons and murals by Lena.

Month of Electronic Arts in  Beyrouth

Lebanon Art is a gallery presenting the artwork of the Lebanese and French artist painter and poet Joseph Matar. LebanonArt displays paintings, watercolors, poetic verses, postcards and panoramic views...



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