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Dima Health Care,

hair replacement and treatment.

Artdent World,

Berlant Beauty Institute,

public health services.

Cedar Home Orphanage
a Lebanese Orphanage taking care of abandoned or disadvantaged and needy children in Lebanon.

Chaftari Medical Shoes
You may think of us as a hospital for sick feet!

Chronic Care Center
a specialized institution for the treatment and follow-up of childhood chronic diseases.

Dr. Bilal AlShamaa
The Endocrinology Speciality Clinic

F & S Computer Doctor
Check it out - One call does it all.

Frem Clinic
A multispeciality clinic staffed with competent physicians of different specialties with the purpose of providing patients good medical care at an affordable price.

Ghaddar's Homepage
Wellness Directory: The ABC of Nutrition & Exercise (A guide to a healthy life!!!!).

Home Care Lebanon s.a.l.
Specialized in the treatment of semi-acute and chronic patients in their own homes and at the lowest possible cost.

Le monde Medical
medical articles.

Laser Vision
Laser treatment of Myopia and Astigmatism.

Lebanese Red Cross
a humanitarian organization established as an independent national society. In 1946, it was recognized by the State as a public non profit organization and as an auxiliary team to the medical service Lebanese Army.

MedNet Liban
A managed healthcare program.

Nizar Daccache
....In his institute,Nazir Daccache offers you all the beauty/treatment care needed for your face and body.

Patient Transport Services
Transporting patients in modern ambulance cars and trained ambulance team to transport and apply first aid to the patient en route.

Plastic Surgery Institute
It is an informative site for the Plastic Surgery Institute. It describes the procedures that we do and informs the reader about our physicians.



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